Chapter Vacancy Positions

Interested in taking on a leadership role? The IMA DeVry University Virtual Student Chapter has a number of exciting board and committee positions available!

Board Member Positions:

Webmaster/Communication VP:

  • oversees all club communications including the chapter website, newsletters, flyers, and social media posts
  • presents an update on the communication department's activities at the monthly board meetings

Membership VP:

  • helps to develop strategies to increase and maintain chapter membership
  • tracks membership growth and presents membership updates at the monthly board meetings


  • records the minutes of meeting (notes) from each quarterly board meeting
  • helps to consolidate the slides for the quarterly board meeting

Prof. of Education VP (program/event developer):

  • oversees the development of the chapter's virtual events alongside the President
    • pitches ideas, helps to develop the presentation PowerPoint, communicates with the guest speakers and IMA representatives, and moderates the events.
  • researches and shares helpful resources with students such as webinars and information on the CMA exam


  • oversees the allotment of the chapter's funds 
  • works with the IMA and the IMA Long Island Chapter on the acquisition and distribution of chapter funds

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